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Amazon needs to pay me! It's been 6 months!

I have some apps that are doing good on the Amazon AppStore, but WON'T PAY ME. I am in Canada. The wire transfer keeps failing somewhere at Wells Fargo before even making it to my Canadian Bank. I've been working with the HORRIBLE E-MAIL SUPPORT system for 6 months. I've re-entered my banking info OVER and OVER again with my bank on the phone. My baking info is correct. Trust me, I've gone over it with somebody at my bank who knows how to setup wire transfers several times. The wire transfers keep failing before reaching my bank. Every month Amazon just fails to correctly wire the payment money. And Every month the e-mail customer support just says I need to re-enter my banking info and try again. SOMEBODY WHO CAN ACTUALLY RESOLVE THIS NEEDS TO CONTACT ME ON THE PHONE. THE E-MAIL SUPPORT SYSTEM HAS FAILED IN THIS CASE. It's a few thousand dollars, but we're a small app dev company. It's really hurt. In addition to the failed payment and the hours wasted on this, it's really made a problem for my taxes. Amazon even sent me an IRS form claiming earnings I didn't even earn (or even match any of the failed payments, it's a nonsense document). Somebody who can actually resolve this person to person please contact me. This needs to be resolved. Thanks, Tim
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