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I haven't received my payments since October 2014

I really don't know what Amazon was doing. We are located in China, and the payment method is check. It takes years to delivering the check, but we still can't receive it. We haven't received any payments since October 2014. Can Amazon apply some more convenient payment method? Besides this, we still have encountered other issues with Amazon: 1. We have failed in receiving the issued check since October last year. Not sure what caused the delivering problem. Is that a common issue for International developers who are outside USA? Why Amazon not solve the problem by providing a effective payment method? I am sure you know how Apple and Google works. Failed doing so will make more and more developers lose confidence in Amazon app store. Please take it seriously. 2. We assume it maybe caused by the payment information. So we tried to update the payment information in bilingual. But we are not able to update the it (invalid tax ID error appeared). That's a Chinese Tax ID. I'd like to know how other Chinese developers update their payment information, or whether there is only 1 Chinese developer doing business with Amazon? That's really make us disappointed. 3. Failed in updating the payment information, we are unable to submit the updated app (error "To submit a paid app please verify your payment information in settings > payment"). I am really pissed off. It goes a dead loop. We can't update the payment information, we can't submit the updated app, either we can't receive payment. What's a mess. Can you resolve these issues quickly? Come on. Take some practical actions.
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