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Misunderstanding In App Purpose

A while back we submitted our app. It got through the approval process pretty quickly and became available in the store. However, we submitted an upcoming version not too long afterwards and that has been sitting in "Under Review" for a number of weeks now. We contacted support and are pretty certain there is a misunderstanding in the intent of our app. Support told us "We believe your content is better suited for publication on our Kindle eBook store. Please submit your content at Kindle Direct Publishing", leading us to think they believe our app is meant as a direct distribution method for books, when it is not. We explained this in a response to this but what we got sounds like an automated response: "Thank you for writing in. We do not have any additional information at this time. We have noted your case number and app name, and if we do have additional information, we will reach out to you directly by reopening this case." Is there any way to correct this issue without being left in the dark like the last response implies?
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