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Amazon Echo, Webservice Integration, Funnybot

Hi All - We've been experimenting with an Amazon Echo we recently received, and have created an example app that's integrated with the Vital AI platform. This includes a webservice implementation using VertX in the Groovy JVM language ( ) which in turn makes an API call to a server (Vital Prime) which may host things like a predictive model, or be further integrated with an analytics backend like Apache Spark. In the sample app case however, it does a database query and returns one of a random collection of "Yo Mama..." jokes, which, although quite juvenile, I find always amusing when read by the Echo's flat but vaguely positive affect. All the source code is up on github here: With some description on my blog here: and technical details here: Hope someone may find this helpful or at least amusing! We're currently integrating an Echo app with Raspberry Pi, and should have another example soon. Marc Hadfield
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