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Just some stupid things

Just wanted to share something stupid. I have my surface pro running Dragon Naturally Speaking. Since I've had it a while, I would say it gives about a 98% correctness from speech. It's audio output is to a full headset that is wrapped around the Echo. I have a small program running. When I say, "Denise", it outputs the audio "Alexa"...I can't hear the output since it is very low and through the headset....and of course the Echo wakes up to listen. -- Now adding a great microphone array to the mic input on the surface pro would help as well. Add a few of those to a switch around the house, add the audio out (discussed on this forum) to a switch going to speakers...humm....could Denise/Alexa be everywhere?... See, more stupid things people can come up with when they are not satisfied with the norm. :-)
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