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alexa-rubykit - alexa-rubyengine. Develop Apps with Ruby!

[b]Description: [/b]The alexa rubykit will help you develop applications by handling all the necessary calls/modules to generate your responses and handle all the requests from Alexa. It includes support for quickly building responses including cards and managing requests (Intent, Session Ended and Launch Requests). The Gem works with Rails and Sinatra applications. The alexa-rubyengine project is a simple server implementation that implements a quick Sinatra app that handles requests from Alexa using the Rubykit. Users can extend or leverage this simple server and add their own implementation for applications. It's configured for quick deployment to AWS Beanstalk. [b]URL: [/b]alexa-rubykit: alexa-rubyengine : [b]Related Information: [/b]These libraries are under the MIT license. Please feel free to fork, issue pull requests, etc. Video of implementation in: [b]Contact Info:[/b] github: email:
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