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Antonio Perez de Tejada Martinez asked

Response time for certification?

Has anyone gone through the certification successfully? How long did it take to get through certification for you? I have an app that is currently in certification for the second time, the first time I submitted it there were some obvious errors that I was notified about within a couple of days. The second time around though after fixing the issues I have not heard back from Amazon for about two weeks. Is there any way to check on certification status or contact Amazon about this?
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jjaquinta answered
You should really search the forum first. This question has been asked twice in the last week. Here's one of my answers: I'm just off the phone talking through my skill to the Certification team. They've changed their process since the first skills. The timeline I saw was something like: 1) During the first week after I submitted the skill, various people tried it out. (Based on my log files.) 2) Sometime towards the end of that week, I got an e-mail from "" saying they would be in touch. 3) Later I got an e-mail setting up a phone conference. 4) You do your phone conference, and, basically, work out the timetable for the rest of the certification. I think times are going to depend on their backlog. I think they have a backlog. But I was rather surprised to have three Amazonians on the call rather than one, so it looks like they are putting group efforts into certification. (Or maybe, as this was a more complex skill, they ramped up.) So I think response times are going to more be based on how thick and fast people are submitting skills. I'd expect a lot at the start, and then easing off over time. The traffic in these forums seems pretty steady, so I don't think the number of developers is ramping up fast. I'm sure after they release the app store we'll see another surge.
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