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25 Days since skill submission and I haven't heard anything at all?

I submitted my EchoTTT skill for certification 25 days ago, and I have not heard a single thing from Amazon. Not even a courtesy "we received your submission" email. Is that typical? Has anyone else waited that long? Is there really no way to contact them or check up on status? My simple skill (Guess The Number) got an email response within a few days of my submitting it. I'm not sure why this one has seemed to vanish into a black hole. I invested a lot of time (and a small amount of money) into my EchoTTT skill and the corresponding web site. I wish there was at least some acknowledgement of the submission so I can get a feeling about whether I wasted my time or if I should do more. I'm not investing any time into other skills until I know that effort like this isn't wasted. I really hope Amazon invests some time into improving their developer relations. They need it. :)
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They totally need to pick up their game in skill support. Especially given that we're doing all this work adding value to their platform for free. I've waited up to two weeks or so to get an answer out of them, but 25 days. Of course, I've had a skill certified for a month or so now, and no sign of it being released. At least you got your "Guess The Number" skill released within days of being certified. They are incredibly opaque about their process and how they choose what gets released. Makes it hard to plan. I've been finding it hard to devote the time to my serious skill, Starlanes, because I just don't know if it's worth it or not, given their randomness. And, in the meantime, I did another one. Very topical. Using IBM Insights for Twitter to let you come up with your own political polls for the 2016 election. It got reviewed, but the person reviewing it seemed to have little knowledge of how Alexa worked. I was advised to change it in ways that would actually deteriorate accuracy, and to change things that are in Alexa's control, not my skill's control. And now the days drag on after I replied to their review. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I can't re-submit until they answer if they are just going to reject it again or accept my explanation of why I did what I did (and why I can't do the impossible). These are not subject matter experts reviewing our skills. This is not their full time, or I suspect even their primary job. That speaks volumes about how serious Amazon takes 3rd party skill developers.
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