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Proper way to respond to Skill Feedback

I just received feedback from for with a minor change I needed to make in order to pass certification. I quickly made the change and emailed back this address. Is that the proper procedure or should I resubmit the skill for certification? It was a bit unclear in the e-mail. Thank you all!
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If you are happy and agree with their feedback, are willing to make the change, and they have reclassed the skill as "development", then, yes, resubmitting it is the best thing to do. However, there is no guarantee that the same person will review it. And the "requirements" are somewhat subjective. So the new person might find different things to object to. So just because you did what one reviewer wanted, doesn't mean you are good to go. You can try pasting in the changes requested and what you did about them into the comments section. It seems sensible. But I have no evidence they even read the comments section. I've never gotten a return that shows they read any of my comments. You can also reply back to the person sending the cert mail. That used to work when they didn't always reclass the skill as development. Anecdotally others have spoken about engaging them in dialog this way in the forum. I have not seen this happen in recent months. All replies I've sent have gone into a big black hole. If you do not understand, do not agree, or are unwilling to make the changes they require in the feedback, you have very few choices. Comments, e-mail, or other methods of dialog don't seem to work. Ranting in the forum occasionally gets action. The only thing I can recommend there is to resubmit and hope you get a different person who applies the rules differently the next time.
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