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Changes to App after submission

Hello, I recently submitted my app to the amazon app store. On getting a Fire device (which was after the submission), I realised one of the custom dialog had a distorted layout (which isn't a problem with native android devices). I adjusted the code appropriately, side loaded the app and alas!, it was fixed. I have now pushed the app to the store and upon downloading the app from the store, I have since observed two things: 1. The problem with the dialog is still there 2. I have an about page in the app which shows the current version. This still shows the version of the previously uploaded version (Although the version number in the development portal is correct). It just seems as though something had happened to the code while it is being reviewed and then made live because side loading the same apk works well on my fire device. Any thoughts on what could be happening would be really appreciated.
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Hello Emmanuel, Thank you for writing in to the forums. Depending on the location of the user, the user's network setup, the device type, as well as end user account settings, it can take up to a few days for users to receive the new version update after it is published to the store. However, we currently see that the latest version, of your app, that you have submitted via your Developer Portal, matches the version that is available online. If you have further questions about this issue, please feel free to submit your inquiry via "Contact Us" and we will be able to investigate this issue further and reply to you individually.
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