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Self-Signed Certificate Trouble

First of all, I'm loving my echo. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it to start writing software for it, and I've got plenty of ideas floating around in my head. Second, I'm not exactly an expert when it comes to server administration and the like so forgive me if I ask anything that sounds novice. I'm still working on my degree after all. My error is this: Request Identifier: {myId} The DNS entries in the certificate presented do not match the target endpoint Resource [], Type [HTTP] Currently I'm hosting my own server at home running node.js. I followed the instructions for creating a self signed certificate. The endpoint for my application is listed as and when creating my certification I listed my DNS in the subjectAltName as the ip matching the one mentioned here (I made sure I didn't make any mistakes in the numbers, they're both the same) that is "". I'm behind a router as I'm trying to use a spare machine at home to host the server, but I'm redirecting all request to to the internal port that my server is listening on. I'm not for sure if that would cause an issue with echo sending request to my serve, but I believe that's a non issue at the moment as, from what I can tell in the error, I'm not even getting to the point where that could be a problem yet. Sorry if I left out any information you might need to know. Please ask if you need any additional details. Any ideas on what I can do to get this working? I know I could use AWS, but I figured this would be a learning experience. On top of that I would love to be able to host it my self.
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Hi, You should be able to have your domain specified on your AWS Elastic Beanstalk dashboard. It is of the form - . Remember that you will specify this domain id in the subjectAltName field in .cnf file you use to generate the certificate for your endpoint. -Nick
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