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Alexa bugs with custom slots

Since my feedback to the Alexa Cert team seems to have vanished into a black hole, I'm posting this here. Custom slots have improved things, but they are still failing on what should be some pretty simple parsing. I've logged a few typical occurrences: What I said: take two factories What Alexa heard: take to factories What was invoked: SWITCHPRODUCING: drone=factories What I expected invoked: PICKUP: drone=factories quantity=2 I can only guess that Alexa is deciding that a match against the utterance "switch to making {drone}" is a higher confidence than "take {quantity} {drone}". This doesn't make a lot of sense. To match "take to factories" to "switch to making factories" you need to map take->switch and making->null. Whereas to map "take to factories" to "take 2 factories" you just have to recognize that "to" and "2" are homophones. What I said: pick up thirty defenders What Alexa heard: pick up thirty if anders What was invoked: PICKUP: drone=null quantity=? What I expected invoked: PICKUP: drone=defenders quantity=30 The drone slot here is a custom type. I would have thought that you would match those fixed values with a higher confidence than just random text. "if anders" isn't really all that far from "defenders". I would have expected it to get it. In any event, I can't see why it didn't map "thirty" to quantity=30. What I said: drop thirty eight defense drones What Alexa heard: raw off thirty eight defense drums What was invoked: DROPOFF: drone=defense drums quantity=38 What I expected invoked: DROPOFF: drone=defense drones quantity=38 The drone slot is a custom type. "defense drums" is not one of the permissible values. I did not think it was possible for Alexa to assign to a custom slot type a value that is not a valid value for that custom slot. I think you have a bug there. What I said: drop thirty eight defenders What Alexa heard: drop thirty eight hundred What was invoked: DROPOFF: drone=null quantity=3800 What I expected invoked: DROPOFF: drone=defenders quantity=38 Alexa pretty consistently fails to get the second slot of these intents. Custom slots appear to have improved recognition. But it is still a rare thing for it to correctly recognize both slots.
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