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Live Apps taken off Amazon Store after providing all documentation!!!

Anyone else have all there apps taken off amazon devices after providing all necessary documentation for future under review apps? Here is what has happened?? 1.) I have had 3 apps live since September 23rd. I have tried to add 3 more with getting the run around about changes to my apps. One change requested, one change done on our end. After 12 changes and 3 rejections each of those apps are not for sale at all and the 2 apps I had for sale were removed from all amazon devices. 2.) I was asked to provide "name rights" for a name i didn't even use. Either way I provided it. I made all the changes necessary and they would go in circles with stuff I changed over and over. 3.) I provided examples of other developers who have had similar apps for sale for over 6 months to find out that amazon doesn't allow "Launcher apps" whatever that is. 4.) We have asked roughly 80 questions. Started 40+ different cases. Changed everything down to binary code and we still can't get a response. 5.) There is no phone number. No email outside of the support contact that people at amazon ignore. My team and I develop apps for all app stores and have been for 3 years and understand all rights to names etc. When asked to provide documentation for whatever reason we provide it. I don't know what the issue is here. I don't know why we are subject to seller discrimination but we wanted to bring this awful treatment to everyones awareness to see who else may be suffering sales due to this very unfair treatment. At the same time exploring options moving forward here on how to handle this issue. Please let us know your thoughts on this issue!?
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Please contact us via the developer portal to provide you with assistance.
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