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My app is a demo on Google Play, can it enjoy Amazon Underground?

Hello, I am thinking about submitting my Android app to the Amazon Underground program. My app was intended to be sold on the Google Play store but now I keep it in a demo mode, so it has some limitations. What I am asking here is: May I set up a free version without limitations and submit it to the Amazon Underground Store, so I can just enjoy the program? I would like to remove any IAB code and just earn for the minutes it is used. (At least informing the user it is "actually free") My concern is about the requirements about the app having to be explicitly compared to another existing sold version on another store. The existing version of my app is a limited version because at present time the user cannot perform any purchase to unlock the full version. I am wondering whether in the future my app can be just on the Amazon Underground store or it can stay in demo mode on the Google Play store while it earns money on Amazon Undeground. I would like to better understand the requirements about an app enjoying the program in regard to the other versions of it having to be necessarily sold on other stores. Thanks
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Hello, We are unable to proactively approve applications prior to submission to our store. To qualify for the Amazon Underground problem, your app must fulfill the following requirements: *Your mobile app must be available for download from the Google Play store or Apple App Store, and be monetized in at least one of the following ways:     -The app is available for purchase for a fee in all other app stores where it is sold.     -The app contains in-app items that are available for purchase for a fee. *Your mobile app must not contain any subscription in-app items. *The features and gameplay of the Amazon Underground version of your app must be substantially similar to or better than the non-Underground version. *When you submit your app to the Amazon Appstore, you must make your app available for distribution on at least one non-Amazon mobile device.
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