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So I have been ignored by Leia B and Briana who were helping me with approval issues of my apps. I have fired off around 150 emails/cases and I have received around 4 responses stating: "We have reversed our decision and asked that I resubmit the apps for approval." I have resubmitted these apps for over 3 weeks now and 3 hours after I resubmit, boom they get rejected again and again and again. I have provided proof again and again as to 200-300 other developers selling similar apps or apps using the same name I was trying to use. This is what prompted the reversal on Amazons decision on allowing my app to go on sale. At this point it is very clear that there are some serious issues with seller discrimination. They TELL ME TO RESUBMIT BECAUSE THEY WILL APPROVE IT BUT THEN REJECT, REJECT, REJECT OVER AND OVER. The best part is that it takes about 48 hours to get a response but 3 hours after submitting app to get rejected for the same thing. This is just getting out of hand. We have provided all license agreements necessary. We have been granted permission by whom ever is sending the letter stating to resubmit the apps but ultimately they are just running us in circles. Just wanted to let people know whats going and the games Amazon is willing to play with your money!
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