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Several Problems with PC/MAC App Submissions and ESD/Dev Portal in General

Hi, we are terribly confused by the lack of stability and options of this new „ESD“ platform, which – we guess – is supposed to play a leading role in this area. I’ll list the problems we had in the first couple of months, in which we tried to sell most of our premium products on here. [b]- You get logged out when uploading too big files:[/b] When internet is slow or the binary/zip is too big, you get logged out automatically and the upload will fail. [b]- You have to upload at least 100 Keys per product:[/b] We have products we want to sell which are high in price. Uploading 100 keys per product is just too much. Can you lower the limit? [b]- We uploaded 1000 keys and only 750 appeared, 250 just vanished?[/b] We can’t see where they went or what happened to them. They are just gone. How? [b]- How does it work when a product needs two blocks of serials to activate?[/b] We have products with “Activation code” and “Serial number”. How does that work to upload them correctly? Or shall we just paste them into one file. [b]- You get instant FAILED after submitting, but no reason why:[/b] Almost every time we submit a new product, we get an instant error. The problem: we don’t know why it failed. There is absolutely ZERO information on how to fix the FAILED-error. We don’t expect details, just a small “wrong image format”. “Not allowed symbols in description”. But nothing makes it tough to figure out. [b]- You can’t pause/stop sales when problems occur:[/b] What is when problems rise up and we have to immediately stop sales. Why isn’t there a “PAUSE” button or “STOP SALES”. Right now we have to go through the Contact Us form… which brings me to the next point. [b]- Contact Us form is practically worthless:[/b] We wrote at least 10 times now for different problems and got exactly one response which was useless and mentioned “the case is closed for us, please open a new one”. What? I mean it’s ok if you want us to through Contact Us form, but at least answer in 48 hours. We are left alone here. [b]- Upload JPG/PNG 2D Boxshot with at least 1000 resolution->FAILED. Upload PNG 3D with low res->SUCCESS[/b] This bothers us the most. We upload everything correctly, JPG, right resolution, 2D->click submit->instant fail. We go into the submission again, upload wrong boxshot->PUBLISHING/LIVE. How does your quality check work? Does anyone even read what the guidelines are? And if you follow the guidelines it doesn’t work? This is so confusing. [b]- Delete Apps from overview when not needed anymore or set “invisible”:[/b] We have a few apps we started as a test, now they block the App overview/dashboard. How can we delete them? At least let us sort by STATUS so they go to the bottom or let us “DEACTIVATE”. Anything would help. We publish around 150-200 ESD products a year (MAC/WIN) so it adds up. We really try to use this platform for all there is, unfortunately it is such a pain to use it right now. Hopefully someone from Amazon may read this and will answer and suggest solutions. Thank you
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