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Problem with IAP v2.0: working with App Tester tool but rejected by Amazon

Hi, I'm doing an app with In App Purchases on Adobe AIR for Amazon devices. I used the IAP v2.0 ANE and all works fine testing with the App Tester tool and the JSON file as described in the docs: The problem comes when I upload the release build to the Amazon Store. The App is rejected because the In App Purchases are not working during the Amazon funcionality validation: "An error occurs when trying to purchase an IAP item". My questions are: 1) Why the IAP support is not working during the Amazon tests if all works fine with the App Tester tool and JSON file? 2) How to fix it? I think the apk is fine because the IAPs works with App Tester. Are there any additional step that I'm missing in the developer portal? Thanks in Advance, Alejandro
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