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Amazon Appstore Policies Violation

Hello Amazon Support Team,we would like to inform you that there are many applications on the Amazon Appstore online that are violating intellectual property rights.Although only the "Rights Owner" or "Agents" can order to file a formal complaint about this.Because some of them are "too big" they do not even notice that other developers are stealing their work and brand name.As a result the developers who are actually violating intellectual property rights are online and getting paid hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars everyday.This is totally unfair,we struggle every day to provide the best experience to amazon appstore users in order to get a few hundreds downloads while the others are "stealing" hundreds thousands of downloads.In our opinion you should create a system that anyone can have the ability to inform the amazon's experts about violations. Also we would like to ask if is it exist an other way to get in touch with amazon experts except email.Is there online chat or phone ? We would like to comment out that other "app stores" are proving more ways to developer to get in touch with their experts. Thanks , In Advance !

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It's funny. IP infringement has been a big problem on here and especially how they 'Police' it. For that reason, I yesterday made a submission to close down my app store account. I don't mind the cloners - that happens - but when someone like King makes an alleged IP infringement, Amazon just remove your app - and leave it up to you and the complainant to 'work things out' - which can either take months, or you get no response - meanwhile you are losing downloads/sales despite the fact your app looks nothing like the complainants version and just has the word 'candy' in the title. Apple has a mediator but still allow your app to remain on sale during this process. Of course, IP infringement is about 'confusing the consumer' and it can take months in a court to battle that out. 2 years ago, I complained about Amazons lack of communication and the double standards when it comes to protecting IP. I wanted to release a Stack clone which I made but despite changing the name etc, they rejected it - fair enough? Nope. Today, Stack games are all over the app store, as are Color Switch clones and other Ketchapp clones like Swing. This is what's really annoying. If they have a blanket policy, they should police it but for whatever reason they don't. Once my apps have been removed, it will be a format I will no longer support in the future, which is a shame but I just can't bash my head against a brick wall any longer.
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