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hearing disability/impairment

Is anyone familiar of any ongoing efforts to generate real-time transcription apps using the Echo as an interface? ala Skype Translation/Transcription? I'm amazed that there are no robust apps to do this already on the phone, but the Echo seems like an ideal platform. I have several family members with severe hearing loss (some have complete loss) and I'm on my way there as well (most likely a genetic cause). I'd love to develop something but to be 100% honest, I don't have the time. Two startups, one newborn, and I don't code well when I'm this sleep deprived. Along these lines, are there any hardware hacks/development to pipe bluetooth out from the Echo? I'd like to pipe responses to a set of bluetooth hearing aids but it currently does not seem possible. I have hardware/electronics experience and again would be delighted to build something, but no time. Thanks in advance for any tips.
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