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Kindle Fire HD7 - How to retrieve cloud storage data

Seeking the trick necessary to retrieve data using cloud storage inside a Html5 web app. When attempting to access, say using an anchor element a href="" within a rendered page launched from the web app tester, any reference to Google auto launches in the Silk browser. Then there isn't any apparent (easy?) way to get retrieved data back to the web app tester requesting app. Amazon team: We developers are handcuffed until there is a Javascript methodology to perform this task, as there currently isn't a public API available Amazon Mobile App Distribution Home » Forums » Web Apps » General Discussion Thread: Kindle Fire HD7 - API for Amazon Cloud Drive Posted: Nov 10, 2013 8:42 AM Although I (we) have poured time and resources into development on the Kindle devices, it appears we must revert back to the Amazon competition . . . .
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The long and verbose comments above are indicative of why I haven't taken any time to develop for Amazon and its Kindle devices. If a guy has to write a book to get the attention of Amazon or anybody else to obtain support for basic and fundamentals then Amazon is not for me at this time. All of my preliminary research has proven to me that Amazon hasn't taken the time to develop a sound and reliable app development framework. I keep getting emails from Amazon about its developer program but nobody wants to or should have to waste time trying to work with dysfunctional products Amazon insists developers help them debug. My Kindle has been a waste of money for these reasons. When all is said and done the big mistake by Amazon has made and continues to make is forcing the Silk browser on everybody as it is clearly incompatible with de facto and official standardized web application development processes.
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