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Technote – Issue with Phonegap 3.3.x whitelisting on Android API Level 17

In a recent issue we were troubleshooting for an Amazon developer customer, we found an issue in Cordova 3.3 that breaks on API level 17(Android 4.2.2) across Amazon and Non-Amazon devices. We have verified that this behavior exists across Amazon devices released in 2013 or later, and on non-Amazon devices running Android 4.2.2. This has been verified in builds that have been published on Amazon and non-Amazon Android markets. We have found that PhoneGap will erroneously prevent HTTP requests to a service that you have whitelisted citing an Unknown chromium error: -6 . This is caused by a bug in a jelly bean specific logic on non-API level 16 versions as discussed at . What you can do to resolve this issue is upgrade the version of PhoneGap to the latest version (at the time of this writing, 3.5.1). You can do this using your Node.js environment by using the command: [i]npm update -g phonegap[/i] For more information on how to upgrade your PhoneGap installation environment, please look towards PhoneGap documentation, such as their 3.5.0 announcement at: Or alternatively, you can employ the code fix as referenced in the above stack overflow post. However, our recommendation would be unless there are breaking changes in Cordova for your app to adopt the newer code by updating your node packages that you are using.
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