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Portal Improvements / Features

I think I may have asked for some of these previously, but these are some features that would be extremely helpful for us: Portal: - Search for apps. We have over 500 apps on one account and it's very time consuming trying to find them. - We need to change the icons on a monthly basis for every app. It would be great if either there was an API for this, or an rss feed that picked up the updated icon. - Likewise it would be good to have the same thing for app screenshots so that we can update them automatically every month. In app purchases: - An API / or a csv import to add in app purchases. Adding hundreds of these is the most time consuming thing on the Amazon site. - Remove the need for the icons and screenshots. We always use the same icons and screenshots for every IAP per app. If they could use the default icons and ignore the screenshots it would make adding the IAPs much less painful. Reporting: - An api to download the reports. We have to download these on a daily basis to add to our own reporting system. We also have a dozen accounts so this is again very slow. Other: - State the reasons for pending. We don't always get the emails so it would be helpful to see why these apps are pended. We also consistently get false reports that our apps do not pass the review (usually because the test setup is wrong), so it would be useful to be able to reply to the comments. - Send email to all admin users on an account, not just the main one.
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Thank you for your suggestions. We have forwarded your suggestions to the concerned team.
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