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Can you change the orientation of a custom list on the Alexa App or lengthen the lines displayed?

I have an Alexa Skill that creates a custom list to which I can add items through the Skill. Those items may be 240 characters long or more. The list displays correctly when in landscape mode on my iPad. However, it is truncated on the iPad in portrait mode as well as on my iPhone in portrait orientation. I have not figured out how to change the settings for the Alexa App on my iPhone to enable it to switch to landscape orientation. (The lock-unlock feature accessible by wipe-down from the upper right corner doesn't affect it.) The Alexa App will completely read the items. Also, the same truncated item will be displayed in its entirety from the To-Do List in the portrait orientation on my iPhone if I read it into the To-Do List.

The primary purpose of my Skill is to show the complete items on the Alexa App on a smartphone to another person. This flaw is undermining its value. As I see it, there are several options:

1. Give the user the ability to have the Alexa App display in landscape orientation regardless of the device.

2. Give the developer the ability to control the size of the display of items in custom lists in either orientation on the Alexa App. This is clearly doable since the To-Do List already does this.

I am asking this group for suggestions, since there may be an alternative that I have overlooked.



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