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getting the *userdata* field back

Hello i am trying to use the submitscores with the *userdata* field filled in. aka this method submitScore(java.lang.String leaderboardId, long score, java.lang.Object... userData) i can see that the getscores method also takes a *userData* however there seems to be no way to access this information. what i am trying to do is to not only save the user`s score but also some additional information such as what difficulty they were on when they got this score. i currently do not see any direct method for doing this. i thought the *userData* field would allow me to save this information however with no way to retrieve the userdata i am slightly confused. is there an example showing how to store additional information in the leaderboard (other then score, like my example difficulty)? does this functionality not exist? thank you to all who could advise.
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