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Name collisions, concurrent processing and symbolic links

1- It is possible for 2 children (file or folder) to have the same name. How can we reliabily prevent this from happening though? E.g. if i successively 1) check whether the file exist and 2) upload it if it does not, i still run the risk thst the file is created between 1) and 2). Traditional filesystem prevent same name in the same directory. 2- Are concurrent uploads/downloads permitted? Does it improve the performance? 3- deduplication prevents files with the same hash from being saved. What if i need the same file (same content) saved with a different name or in a different folder, do i have to turn deduplication off? 4- (Related) is there a symbolic link feature, i.e. a node referencing the file content of another node but with different id, name, metadata, etc. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestion!
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Hi sergiogiogio, Welcome to the dev forums and thank you for posting! Here are the answers to your questions: 1. Name Conflict This behavior should be stopped by an error code during the upload process. If you have discovered a way around this and can reproduce the behavior, then that is a bug that we should fix -- in that case please provide more details and steps to reproduce. 2. Concurrent Uploads A client should be able to make concurrent uploads/downloads if they wish to implement it that way. That has the potential to improve performance if single threaded uploads were not consuming max throughput. When experimenting with this, keep an eye out for 429 throttling responses. There are limitations on how much each application_id can call. 3. Deduplication Currently, one should be able to upload the same content with different names to the same folder. 4. Symbolic Links This is not a supported feature at this time. Kind regards, Levon
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