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Location Based Services Integration

I am glad to see someone is finally catching on that there is a market for an aggregate affiliate service, I blogged about the need to just such a thing awhile back and guessed that if you guys didn't already have this in the works that you soon would. Amazon is definitely the obvious lead to take this to the next level that it needs to be at and I am sure you guys will get there. While it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that makes it as easy as it should be (in my opinion) it's about 100x better than what went before it ( roll your own ), the fact that it doesn't do iOS is going to leave a major hole for someone like Google (or even groupon) to step into but I guess you have war gamed that out and decided it doesn't line up with your higher level strategies. Leaving that aside the missing (major) piece (in my opinion) is integrating your Amazon Groupon clone along with location based services. E.g. I am traveling, it's lunch time, what's available where I am or am going to be? Just a simple example but could be used for anything that is related to services and location, especially if you tie it to the intent of the App ( Lot's of app knows where the user is, and many times will be, when, and what the user is doing and might be interested in ) Looking forward to putting this current SDK to the test and seeing how it works out and hoping you guys will integrate a real time "Searchable" Groupon like service. Cheers, Todd Message was edited by: mopholo
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Thanks much Mopholo for your valuable feedback. I have forwarded your query to the appropriate team.
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