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Ads Not Showing When Downloaded from App Store

I can see the ads when I put... AdRegistration.enableTesting([b]true[/b]); BUT when I set to FALSE, the ads don't show during testing AND downloaded, from the app store. I made sure my app key is set properly. What am I doing wrong?
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If an app can receive test ads (testing instructions found here: but receives a "NO_FILL" error upon trying to load non test ads, there is most likely no issue. It is probable that the app is encountering a scenario where it is having a hard time getting fill. There are many factors that can contribute to a bad fill rate, including the following non integration related factors: - The device could be in a country that does not receive many ads. - The app has not yet received a device identifier (a.k.a. “ad-id”) from Amazon's server due to this being the first time the app requested an ad. - The user may be opted out of personalized ads. - The user could be using an old Android-2.2-era device that is unable to opt in to personalized ads. - The app may be requesting an ad size that has limited fill rate. A typical user’s experience is unlikely to reflect what the developer is seeing. Note that apps with severely restrictive targeting parameters or with a targeted user base in an unsupported country will end up reporting very low fill rates. A NO_FILL error can occur if the app is trying to load an auto-sized ad in a container whose dimensions are WRAP_CONTENT x WRAP_CONTENT. This will cause an Auto Ad Size failure and result in no ads being returned. Generally, if this is a screen-width ad then our recommendation for this case would be to change the AdLayout's layout params dimensions to be MATCH_PARENT x WRAP_CONTENT. Auto Ad Size should not be used if a specific ad size is required. Instructions and guidelines for ad sizes can be found here: Note that the Amazon Mobile Ad Network serves ads only to users in U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Spain and Italy. More information can be found here:
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