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[Unity iOS Plugin] Banners now on top

It seems that banners now end up being overlaid on top of things like Facebook dialogs and other ads. Is this deliberate? See screenshots:
mobile ads
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Hi AppyNation, This is indeed expected behavior. The Cross Platform Tool Plugins use a concept of "floating" ads for all banner ads. What this means is that the ad will float on top of all other content in the current UIViewController at the highest z-order. A new UIViewController will open over top of any existing floating banner ads. Because the ads are floating over the other content in the current UIViewController, it's important to keep this in mind when designing the UI of your application and to either leave enough space for the ad so that it does not block the content of your app, or allow the content of your app to be scrolled so the user may still access the content that is under the ad initially. The floating banner ads will work properly with Amazon's interstitial ads, but if you utilize interstitial ads from other ads SDKs, depending on their implementation, it is possible that our floating ads, that float at the highest z-order, will display over top of the other interstitial ads. This seems to be what you are experiencing in the first image on the left. For this reason, the Cross Platform Plugins provide the ability to close a banner ad at any time. In your situation, I would recommend closing the banner ad whenever an interstitial from another SDK is being displayed (or any other content that you do not control the layout of) and then calling loadAndShow on the same banner once the other content has been removed from the screen.
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