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Amazon crazy policy

So I received a notification that a copyright claim had been made against my app ... I contacted the company to find out exactly what they thought was infringing. Based upon their suggestions, I listened and changed certain elements. I've now uploaded another binary to get it rejected by Amazon as they will not publish any updates until the original company who lodged the complaint contacts them to say the issue is resolved; "We will not un-suppress, publish, or accept new versions and/or submissions of the app(s) in question without the agreement of the intellectual property owner who notified us of the alleged infringement. Please work with the intellectual property owner to settle any rights dispute. The intellectual property owner must contact us directly to confirm that they approve the publishing of the app(s) in question." As if they are now going to take the time, even though I have asked them, to let Amazon know its now resolved! All they wanted is it removed and to get certain parts changed, once done, they don't care and will not take the time to let Amazon know! So this got me thinking about the policy on the whole! What stops me lodging complaints against any app, competitor or not, right or wrong? When the app is removed, I could just not then tell Amazon its resolved and they could never get their app back on! This seems absolutely stupid! Now i'm left with a reworked app I cannot get back on the store! The IP owner just isn't going to take the time to write in and confirm the issue is fine, its just not going to happen and Amazon are naive believing they will. I think Amazon could learn a lot from Apple and how they handle these things in their marketplace in all honesty! I'm debating just renaming the new version of the app slightly and uploaded it as a new game! It's a shame and a pain, not something I want to do but it's got to be better than sitting on a new version I simply cannot publish!
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