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An error occurred while processing your purchase - adb logcat logs

My app on the live testing environment is facing the "An error occurred while processing your purchase" message. There are several potential error messages on adg logcat that I see. 1) "Cannot find amazon authenticator. If this is 1P device, this is a bug!" and I do not know how to debug it. 2) W/AmazonAppstore.BasicSoftwareEvaluator(11987): Could not getLastKnownLocation: need ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION But the app does ask for Fine location permission upon install 3) AmazonAppstore.IapChallengeConfiguration(11987): Error in getJSONObject: org.json.JSONException: End of input at character 0 of I am not sure what this is but the app works when I use the Amazon App Tester, so presumably the json file works. Any help is greatly appreciated
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