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Users are paying for subscriptions and I have no sales reports

I'm having some major issues implementing subscriptions in my app. 1) The app passed Amazon review and was approved - I specifically requested an IAP test (make sure app unlocks and entitlement goes through) 2) People are emailing me upset that the app is not working once they buy the subscription 3) They are being charged money, yet my Amazon reports show NO revenue. Where is the money going? This is an extremely urgent issue - users are calling me deceptive, Amazon approved my app, and now they are collecting money and not reporting anything to me. I almost feel like I need to get on the phone with someone from the team to help get my case resolved. If it makes any difference, I'm using the OpenIAB library to implement Amazon subscriptions. It is unacceptable to have to maintain two versions of my codebase for the Amazon API integration, and this fine open source project makes it realistic for us to integrate both Google Play and Amazon subscriptions with the same exact code. It is a shame that this isn't working, but an even bigger problem that Amazon is collecting my sales and giving me none of them and also hurting my users end experience and ruining my reputation after THEIR approval process said the app was ready to go.
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Hi, We're looking into this issue. I tested the app and it seems like it might be an issue with either the OpenIAB library or its implementation. When I buy the subscription, it goes through successfully, but the app doesn't seem to acknowledge that the item has been purchased. I'm also looking into why this app was approved if there was an issue with the IAP purchases working properly in the app. Thanks for your patience and I'll get back to you as soon as I have more information. -Nick
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