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Rejected because IAP doesn't work on live. But it works on SANDBOX

Hello, we tried submitting our app to the Amazon App Store but got rejected because the IAP isn't working! The problem is that it's working fine using the App-Tester and I can't test it using the Live-Testing because even after waiting for 2 days it never showed up on my test device. Also the second test that I started half an hour ago didn't send any email nor is showing anything on my device. So basically I have no clue what the problem ist. The IAP-Product is "Live", so that can't be the problem. And as the developer documentation states the API automatically knows weather it should talk to sandbox or live... So what would I have to change in my code? Am I missing some other settings? I have the Manifest updated to conform to the documentation. So I have no clue on what's wrong here... Is there any way I can test my app? Or does anybody have any advice on what might me the problem? I've seen that quite a few people are having the same issues... but I haven't found a solution that works. I have to admit that the whole App-Tester Thing is absolutely GREAT! Testing IAP on Google-Play or iOS App Store sucks! But at least they work on live :) Would be great if Amazon could get the whole IAP Testing-Expirience right :) Cheers, Georg
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Hi, The most likely cause of this issue is a mismatch between the SKUs that you have in the developer portal and the skus that you are using for testing. I'd suggest making sure that the skus are the same and that they are showing as live in the developer portal. The App Tester works locally, so it won't check that for you. -Nick
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