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Unity implementation - workarounds?

There is no Unity plugin yet for 2.0. I have three games which I'm actively supporting and a further three which are in development, all are build in Unity. Will the plugin be coming and if so when? My immediate problem is that I want to add a new IAP to an existing title. Ideally I'd like to upgrade to 2.0 but there is no plugin. What should I do? If I add the new IAP and use the existing 1.0 system will it work? Is there a way of modifying the 1.0 plugin to work with IAP 2.0? Sorry to bombard you with questions but I must say that not including the plugin from the start is a major oversight. Many thanks, Andy
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Hello Tigerishwillo, Thanks for your questions. It is understandable as to why they would be asked considering the release of In-App Purchasing version 2.0. To answer your questions, we cannot comment nor speculate on future releases of our products, so unfortunately we cannot answer your first question. For the immediate future, while on native Android In-App Purchasing version 1.0 is deprecated, for our non-Java SDKs such as the Unity Plugin, our Adobe Air Plugin, and In-App Purchasing via the Javascript bridge for Amazon Web Apps, they will be fully supported on version 1.0. As such, as a Unity developer, we would recommend that you utilize the current In-App Purchasing plugin for Unity. As for modifying the current plugin to work with version 2.0, it would not be possible as the Java proxy library is compiled down to use In-App Purchasing v1 calls. In order to get In-App Purchasing version 2.0 to work in your Unity game, you would need to bridge the Java calls into the Unity engine using the "Using Java Plugins" section of the Unity Manual linked here: . However, it depends on how immediate your requirements are for adopting the new API and how comfortable you are in writing an Android plugin. Hopefully this helps you in your decision making process, and thank you again for contacting us.
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