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Yet another; IAP 2 works in tests but not Live

Looking back through the forum, I don't think my issue is the same as any of the previous threads; I have upgraded our app from IAP 1.0 to IAP 2.0 Everything seems to work as expected, both when debugging using the App Tester app, and when trying out Live App Testing versions. However, now that I have pushed the update live we are getting reports from users that the game's only In App item, an Entitlement, has become locked. I have managed to replicate this on one of our devices, and it looks like onPurchaseUpdatesResponse() is getting a successful response but with no receipts, even though if we try to buy the item onPurchaseResponse() gets ALREADY_PURCHASED. The same device with the same account seems to work ok when debugging or trying a Live App Test version. My implementation has been copied largely from the SDK sample app. Reading through previous questions, I setup the listener in OnCreate() and call getPurchaseUpdates(true) in onResume() Any suggestions?
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Hi there, Thanks for posting. I've already responded to your YUMA case, but will post something similar here for other developers in case they see something similar: Currently, when the app calls getPurchaseUpdates, Amazon stores the customer's receipts locally for a certain period of time. The next time the app calls getPurchaseUpdates, Amazon retrieves the local copy rather than going to the server. However, with the update to the V2 SDK, the receipts retrieved locally are not readable by the SDK anymore (since they were generated by a previous version), so the app thinks that the customer has not purchased the IAP. On the other hand, when the customer tries to purchase it again, the server correctly replies that this customer is already entitled to the item. This is a known issue for which we have already made a fix. Though I cannot give you an ETA of availability, I'd suggest that you clear the appstore settings from the device as this will invalidate the local cache and force the app to go straight to the server to get the purchase updates. Regards, Jamie
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