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Fire OS delays to call event android.intent.action.LOCALE_CHANGED

Hi, I don't know if here is the right place to post it but I didn't find anywhere else to do it. I found a bug on Fire OS, when you change the language of the device the OS should call event android.intent.action.LOCALE_CHANGED. Then you can add an intent filter to a BrodcastReceiver and listen to it right? Well the problem is that Fire OS takes like 4 seconds to call the event making possible to the user return to an open app in the meantime and depending to the app implementation it could lead to weird behaviors, especially if the app has heavy translations. I know it's not a critical thing but this is not the common behavior for the stock OS, it'll call right away. Here's the steps to reproduce: 1. Have an app with BrodcastReceiver registered to android.intent.action.LOCALE_CHANGED and put a log there 2. On the same app put a log on onCreate and onResume of the main activity 3. Swipe from the top and go to "Settings" -> "Device" -> "Language" and change it to other (like Spanish) 4. Do two quick swipes from the bottom (back button) to return to the app 5. Notice on the console that logs on the main activity will be called before of the BroadcastReceiver. Hope someone prioritize this and take a look. Thanks,
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Thanks for bring this issue into our attention. Fire OS is built on top of Android version Android Jellybean (4.2.2) Similar behavior can be observed on any generic Android devices running OS versions < Kitkat. I have forwarded the issue to appropriate team so that they can address the issue.
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