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Creating Fire Phone Apps Using Eclipse

hi. if anyone and/or devs can shed light and confirmation on the following, i would greatly appreciate it. i have been stuck always going back to the drawing board whenever i submit an app for fire phone. - is it possible to develop a fire phone app using eclipse ide? sure, i installed the gradle plugin. then what? - i cant run it. the docs in the site assumes developers know gradle. cant be helped though, we are forced to have to learn it - there are barely any docs about it. if there are, they dont help. most of the posts i see in the net requires the use of android studio and i dont want to waste my time on that (though my time got wasted trying to look for ways to make it work in eclipse) - how come developing a fire phone app that does not use other amazon specific apis get rejected? my app uses only the home api, amazon ads and amazonsupport.jar , works fine when i run it in a non-amazon tablet with the amazonplatform.apk and homesimulator.apk installed so why reject it? the app does not use those whatever amazon xml resources devs keep talking about thank you
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Hi Mark, You can certainly create apps that will run on the FirePhone using Eclipse (or many other framewoks as well). The issue you will run into is integrating FirePhone specific API’s, most of which require compiling with XML resources, something the ANT build system used by Eclipse cannot do. For that you will need to use the Gradle build system available with environments such as Android Studio and Intellij. What will specific SDK resources will NOT work for the FirePhone? Projects that use DynamicPerspectiveControls, DynamicPerspectiveExplode, and SidePanels will not run. The other features available in the SDK should work for you however.
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