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Can someone test my game for ads and I'll share ad data with you in return

Hi all. I've just set up an ad campaign through Basically I've targeted ads to appear on Kindle devices. These are only house ads which appear in our own games, so its free to do. Basically when someone downloads one of our games from amazon, it will show ad banners which if clicked will take the user to the amazon store on their kindle device and show them one of our other games. The problem is that I don't have a kindle here and I'm not in the US or UK to test it. Could someone please download one of our free games and see if the ads are appearing in the game and send me a screenshot or just a picture of the game running on your kindle. If someone can then I'm happy to share the data with them, perhaps it will be useful for you too. For example, click rate, impressions, fill rate etc. Please let me know. You can download one of my games, - 'Killer Shooting Sniper X' or 'Gangnam Style Vs Dance Zombies'. The ads that should appear are for another game called 'Pop The Fruit 2 : Puzzle Bubble'. Or if there's some other way I can return the favour to someone please let me know. Thanks all :) Martin
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