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Our approved app cannot be found in the Kindle App Store

Good Afternoon, A few weeks ago our application was approved and made available on the Amazon App Store. But unfortunately, we are experiencing an issue where we cannot find our application when we search for it through the App Store on Amazon Kindle devices. I was wondering if you could help us resolve this issue. We've done our best to ensure that everything is setup correctly and our approved application appears to show that Amazon Kindle devices are indeed supported by our manifest: "All non-Amazon Android devices based on my manifest, Kindle Fire (1st Generation), Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9". May you please let us know if there is something extra we need to do to become available for the app store on Amazon Kindle devices? We would like to have our application available to our customers who own Amazon Kindle devices. We have tried to reach out via the contact us form (using the App Submission category) but the response we have received are completely unrelated to the issue we are experiencing. We are honestly unsure of what is happening or if there's some kind of error we need to correct. Please let us know the proper place to inquire about our issue as we are completely confused right now. Thanks, Kalu
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Hi Kalu, Thank you for posting. We do not have any additional information at this time. We have noted your case number and app name, and if we do have additional information, we will reach out to you directly by reopening this case you created in ContactUs.
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