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Testing procedure

Anyone knows the official testing procedures of Amazon?
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Hi Amyhohoilam, We automatically review for Kindle Fire Tablets all apps submitted to the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program. Recently published apps may be available on Amazon prior to being tested for Kindle Fire Tablets compatibility. We consider a variety of factors as we evaluate each app for Kindle Fire Tablets, including the quality of experience the app offers and compatibility with the device. While our goal is to offer a broad and compelling assortment to Kindle Fire Tablet customers, not all apps available through Amazon Apps are currently available on Kindle Fire Tablet Our goal is for Amazon customers to have a good experience with every app they buy. Please note that we will be testing the apps you submit prior to making them available in our store. We take these steps to verify that the app works as outlined in your product description, does not impair the functionality of the mobile device, does not put customer data at risk once installed, and complies with the terms of the Amazon Mobile Apps Distribution Agreement and our Content Guidelines. Our intent is not to determine what constitutes good app design. When you submit an app via the Amazon Mobile Apps Distribution Portal, the Amazon Apps team will start the review process. You can track the status of your app at any time by logging into the Distribution Portal, going to the My Apps tab, and finding your app. If we have a question about your app or determine it does not meet one or more of our acceptance criteria, we will notify you using the email address associated with your account and provide guidance on next steps. We will also notify you once your app successfully completes the testing process and is published live.
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