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App store app not notifying users of updates

I recently published an app to the Amazon App Store. After I found some unexpected bugs I made the fixes then uploaded a newer version. I was more than a little surprised to find that the Amazon app store app doesn't actually notify the user that there's an update available. As far as I can tell the only way for the user to ever find out about updates is to open the app, open the drawer, choose 'my apps' then hit the refresh icon. No one will ever bloody do that. Ever. The only solution I could think of was to store the current version code on the server then add code to the app that would compare the version on the server to the version code on the manifest. If the version on the server was higher (which I set manually after a new update goes live on the store) the app would prompt the user to update by means of a dialog. Dismissing the dialog brings the user to that apps page in the amazon app store app. So that works great and all but guess what happens when the user is redirected to the Amazon app's page for my app? It says 'open' not 'update'. If you hit the button it just brings you back to the app which just shows the dialog again. There isn't even a refresh icon on that page. Once again, the ONLY way for users to find out the update, even after being brought directly to the app's app store page is to open the bloody drawer, choose 'my apps' then hit the refresh button. I really shouldn't have to educate my users about a four step process to get an update. I must be missing something here. Is there a setting somewhere on the developer console that I'm unaware of?
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Hello peddlerpeddler, The Amazon Appstore client works the same as all App clients and will update an app installed on a user's device when it sees a new app version code. This assumes all the usual Android requirements like internet access, same app signatures, etc. are met.
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