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Developer Select Program no update after changes and no help from support

We want to have our app in the developers select program and initially it stated that it did not meet the device targeting. A week later it changed and it stated that it does and then the following week than it says that it does not. It has gone back and forth but at this point it states that it does. Now it seems that the only thing holding it back is the high resolution images that we updated a couple of months ago so that they would be high resolution. I have contact support and after more than a month I still do not have any response. I was contacted back by support to ask a question to make sure they where looking at the right app and then I never heard back. I have tried several other times but get no response. It seems like it would be an easy check and fix since the images are high resolution. We are committed to having our app in the program but just need to be able to communicate with some one from amazon to see what is holding it up.
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Hello transformationservices, In order to investigate this issue further we will specific information about which app in your account is having the issue. To protect the personal information of developers, we do not discuss the details of specific applications on these discussion forums. Please reach out to us via our Contact Us form ( This will allow us to validate your identity and discuss app specific information in a context that will not expose your personal and proprietary information.
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