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Well fellow developers, it's official and true - Amazon has abandoned us. Don't shoot the messenger - someone had to bring visibility to this issue The indisputable facts: It has been long over two weeks since an update by an Amazonian has even hit forum responses. ref last volley Sujoy circa Nov 7 [1] ( one IAP 2 response Nov 19 by DougM [2] ) I made my point known, five weeks waiting for an older model Kindle only app submission and now another week without an inkling of a status update. What an insult [3] (so newer 2014 device models failing testing isn't the issue) We know delays have not been the case until Sept-Oct 2014 as this developer recently had three apps approved in thirty six hours [4] while twelve weeks plus seems to be the new norm [5] Useless canned automated responses that do nothing but infuriate we developers [5] No follow up by the Amazonian staff even after their request hits the forum [5] despite the will respond announcement [6] Clearly the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing at the moment as the Amazon blog team mistakenly seems to think now is a great time to submit apps. [7] . . . . Not How rude and unprofessional Amazon. Not even the common courtesy to notify we developers keeping us in the loop. Apparently, the Amazon teams didn't read this one either [8] . . . "Don’t Just Listen to Your Customers, Understand Them - Jeff Bezos" The new apps (supporting developer submittals) are profit to the Amazon machine. Your teams are over-head. These are signs of a company in serious, very serious trouble. With a current twelve week backlog of new app submissions, there goes any chance of gaining either traction or visibility this Dec 2014 holiday season. Suggestions: I agree with all developers that have posted, this process demands a more timely response mechanism. Even one 24hr period is too long. If an app submission can be denied on functionality, there needs to be in place the ability for we developers' to receive an acceptance on concept submittal request, prior to the massive amount of time that goes into image prep that potentially could get scrapped. Send back an immediate response for one quick fix that could be re-submitted or a percentage acceptance so that we developers are able to get something done towards the submission goal. Or make the formal decision to scrap any improvements should the concept be border line with the Amazon vision. What about a % indicator or # in queue reference. We could then guage the wait time. Better yet, an estimated wait time based on volume of submitted apps for that day. Not coming clean to those of us that have supported Amazon to date, really leaves a lasting black eye. Developers waiting feedback leave reference(s) to your forum post(s) : submittal date, week(s) waiting, a) standard computer generated response b) waiting follow-up c) no response d) other explain etc To those reading, Thank you for your input Robin Sujoy [1] DougM [2] Starting week five [3] Three apps in 36 hrs [4]⬍ Twelve weeks [5]㉕ Will respond to every forum post [6] Blog time to submit [7] Don’t Just Listen to Your Customers, Understand Them - Jeff Bezos Jun 10 2013 By Kevin Baldacci in Customer Service , [8] others I've stumbled across 5 weeks 3 weeks + 12 dayщ 2 weeks just left hangin p.s. Jeff Bezos are you listening? [8] . . . . . Following are other stuck app submissions
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