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No contact or help from Support. Months of trying to get into DV

We have tried to contact support and as last time we get no response even after posting our problem here. For months we have tried to get in developer select. We are still not sure why we are not approved. We where told a couple of weeks ago that the only thing that was holding us back was: Issue Description: the title text overlaps Steps: 1.Install & launch the app. 2.Click the setting button,then click some buttons on this page, such as "FAQ", "Technical Support", Privacy Policy" 3.the title text overlaps on the left top of the screen. Affected Device: HTC X920e/ Kindle Fire HD 7 2nd Gen/ Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 3rd Gen We have tried numerous times to duplicate this and have not been able to. We even have screen shots to show there is no overlap. Therefore, we can not fix it because we have tried on numerous devices and there is nothing to fix. We are really hoping to get this resolved and would love to move forward so that we can be in the Developer select. Any help will be appreciated.
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