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Why is search for apps and games broken on

Since month the search for apps and games on website is broken. When you search for specific keywords, like puzzle or mahjong, you don't get any apps anymore. You get some normal products from the Amazon store - but no apps anymore. Even if you change the search category to "Game Apps" - via the "Shop by Department" button, you don't get a good result. When you type a direct name like "Candy Crush" it sometimes works - but not all the time. You usually get products somehow related to the app name - but not the game itself. You can try with "Minecraft" or any other game or app. When you go the category Apps & Games - you can't search at all. You only see the top 100 and you can click through some categories on the left. This broken search - or change - brought us to a loss in sales of over 50% within the last 6 month - can someone from Amazon explain why search is broken on Thanks!
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