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Need Support in the Development Approach

We are developing a native application using Amazon Mobile App SDK to deliver the directories of our clients on Kindle Fire. Our application is designed to allow the user to browse for various directories of a particular region/county and do a complete search for various business and individuals. The architecture was to have the app be the central point and the user downloads the app, searches for a directory and downloads/views the desired directory from within the app. We are at the almost done with the app build but our customer has some concerns about deployment. They feel that it would be useful for the consumer to access the directory from the Amazon Book Store. In order to address the requirement, we have come up with the below approach, - Post the app (once is it finalized) to the Amazon AppStore. - Develop a MOBI file with thumbnails of various directories with embedded links to the app and host it on Amazon books store. - When the user taps on a thumbnail, the app will get launched if it is have been already installed in the device. - Else the app download page will be launched on a browser (or alternately is it possible to directly launch the AppStore or trigger a download of the app installer from the AppStore?). We have implemented and tested the solution on various emulators and it?s working fine but our customers would like to see a demo from the live environment (Book from Amazon Store and App from Amazon App Store). We understand that we are not allowed to upload any in-progress app on the app stores. But can we get some support from you technical team to validate our approach and give a confirmation that Amazon won?t have any issues regarding this use case? Your feedback is very critical as the progress progress is stalled because of this issue. Please let us know if you want any more information on our approach or any technical details.
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Hi, We need few more details to answer this and to keep your privacy on the forum we highly recommend you to raise a contact us( for this question. Our support staff members will help and guide you. Thanks for understanding.
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