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Bug on Kindle fire HD 2nd gen with ViewPager and ScrollView: any help?

Hello fellow developers I am working on an app which will be supporting API 10 to 17+ so it can work even on older Kindle Fire HD. My issue: my activity main layout is a ViewPager so the user can swipe left or right to view other information, and the view shown in each "page" has as its top element a ScrollView which goes beyond the bottom of the screen so the user can scroll to see the information at the bottom of the screen. On Kindle Fire HDX, Nexus 7, or other recent Android build (aka 4.x and above), everything works as expected; unfortunately on Kindle Fire HD 2nd generation when user try to scroll to view more information at the bottom of the screen, the scrolling is terrible. It basically scroll by a few pixels and stop, forcing the user to constantly try to scroll and make the overall experience really bad. I have the feeling the issue is a conflict between the ViewPager and the ScrollView where the events are being handle by one or the other and end up with that behavioe. I found some similar thread on StackOverflow but none of the solution/workarounds suggested work. So I was wondering if anyone did encounter that in their dev and had a workaround to share! Thank!
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