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Is it possible to customize the amazon DRM?

Hi I have a question about the Amazon Digital Rights Management. Is it possible to apply it by myself? And is it possible to customize it? All I see is, that the standard DRM, which gets applied by the Amazon Dev portal, is not worth a lot. When I release an update on amazon, it usually gets hacked within 12 hours. I have no problems with pirated copies, but 12 hours is really fast, too fast in my opinion. My own (customized) Google LVL implementation was only hacked once in 6 months, which is OK (because only a person with the required programming skills can break it). But the standard DRM can be hacked within 2 minutes by every school kid using some scripts from the internet. So I just wondering if there’s any way to apply it on my own in a customized way, so that it gets a bit harder to remove it. Thanks a lot in advance for your answer
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Hi planethcom, "Any app that has Amazon DRM applied to it will require users to have installed and signed-in to the Amazon Appstore client to access the app. When an app is accessed by the user, it will verify with the Amazon Appstore device service as to whether the user has an entitlement to the app. If the user does not sign in or does not have an entitlement to that app, then the app will not be usable. However, any user can gain an entitlement by purchasing the app through Amazon." The protection is handled by Amazon automatically. Currently we do not have any API for developers to query the DRM status manually. You are free to implement your own DRM solution on top of Amazon's DRM if desired. For more information, please refer to the links below: Thanks
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