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Dropbox API oauth redirect back to app does not work

I am trying to run my Android 4+ on a Kindle Fire. Everything works fine but the connection to Dropbox. The app uses the latest Dropbox SDK and on normal/Non-Kindle Android devices everything works as expected: When dropboxAPI.getSession().startOAuth2Authentication(activity) is called within the app the browser comes up and shows the Dropbox webpage with a user login. Once the user is logged in he can decide to allow or decline the apps access the Dropbox account. After doing this the user is re-directed back to app by calling a custom URL scheme that is defined in the app manifest: This workes fine on all Non-Kindle devices. On Kindle the user is not re-directed back to the app but the following error message is shown within the browser: Webpage not available: The wepage at db-xyzMyAppKeyXYZ://1/connect?outh_token_secrete... faild to load. Unknown error. Obviously there seems to be some kind of problem with the scheme. But would kind of problem could that be and how can it be solved? It this a bug in the Silk browser?
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