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images dont load in WebView on Kindle Fire HDX 7 running Fire OS 4.1.1

Our app uses Android WebView to load local html files . On my new Kindle Fire HDX 7 recently updated to Fire OS 4.1.1 the images loaded by the html's javascript do not display. The logcat shows the errors (which I assume are related to the problem): ADRENO-ES20: : Invalid texture format! Returning error! ADRENO-ES20: : Framebuffer color attachment incomplete. Returning GL_FRAME_BUFFER_INCOMPLETE_ATTACHMENT This works fine on an older Kindle running OS 10.5 I tried replacing standard Android WebView with AmazonWebView and got the same results We had a somewhat similar problem on standard Android devices running Kitkat (the images loaded sometimes) that was fixed with the line webView.setLayerType(View.LAYER_TYPE_SOFTWARE, null); which evidently turns off hardware acceleration, but that does nothing here. Please advise on a fix or workaround Thanks Christine
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