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web-app tester eng group manifest permission for localStor write

I posted here to get the most visibility from those that develop native apps using the WebView framework. [1][5] Anyone able to provide the manifest permission [2][3] that will allow the web kit WebView to access the sandboxed localStorage available to a Html5 request? [4] I'm trying to emulate this single functionality that the web-app tester provides for testing only, as a stand alone native app. I have an Html5 app that uses Ajax requests to shuttle media content behind the scenes into localStorage from a browser instance. The user experience is improved as they see near flicker free viewing. Works fine ;-) in FF and IE on other platforms. Fails on Kindle devices using the Silk browser. There is an apparent upper limit of 5Meg of storage for Html5 applications on Kindle devices which is too restrictive, as the W3C spec does provides a solution to allow the user to increase. I have an idea that would speed my testing in seeking an alternate solution, however the Android OS by design limits a single app runtime instance. This means I may not launch an additional instance of the web-app tester. Although not a Java developer, I have tackled the .apk demos [1][5] and have been successful at side loading a signed .apk instance, and have overcome the limitation of launching the Silk browser from inside the WebView view. Here's where I'm stuck. I need to be able to launch a Html5 app from the favorites icon launch area, while at the same time attempting to view/debug a separate Html5 instance inside the web-app tester using both LogCat and the Chrome debugger. I'll then be able to watch the Html5 web page DOM detail, while gaining confidence that the Kindle sandboxed area stays in tact. [Uncertain when closing the web-app tester if it's local store or local storage emulation becomes corrupt on relaunch of the web-app tester] The Android web demos don't seem to include a localStorage example, but this feature does work in the web-app tester. I need to emulate that functionality. If it is not a manifest permission, is there a Java Class available for me to include in a native app project that I may build to overcome the sandbox limitation and web-app tester limitation? Thank you in advance for insight that may get me over this hurdle. Robin [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
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This is quite old post. If you still have the concern related to this, please let us know what exactly you are looking for. Please note, you should write us in short what is that you are looking for. Thanks.
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